Fusion 2005 Confirmed Attendees


Fusion 2002 in Goblin Valley State Park, Utah
Look at how happy they are that they went to Fusion!

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We have 30 Fusioners signed up and registration is now closed for Fusion 2005. See you in Big Sur!

Group 1:
John Smart (Mod.)
Matt Bell
Kevin Keck
Scott Lemon
Christine Peterson
Danielle Strachman
Group 2:
Iveta Brigis (Mod.)

Paul Grasshoff
Alex Kawas
Kathryn Myronuk
Patty Sophos
Jeff Thompson
Group 3:
Miguel Aznar (Mod.)
Alvis Brigis
Jessica Richman
Lisette Sutherland
Will Wiser
Alexis Bright

Group 4:
Andrew Breese (Mod.)

Tyler Emerson
Mike Linksvayer
Nadene Novikoff
Sandra Russell
Brad Templeton

Group 5:
Greg Davidson (Mod.)
Monica Anderson
Norman Gilmore
Steve Omohundro
Kennita Watson
Mark Lenhart

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