Fusion 2005: Big Sur
Memories & Pictures

Thank you to everyone who made Fusion 2005 a big success! We had 30 participants and it was amazing to see how well the group dynamic worked together (look at all those smiling faces!). We are still getting feedback about how valuable the experience was for people, and that is a testament to the opennness, communication, empathy, and genuine desire for growth you all possess.

We hope everyone's Fusion goals are coming along well. Be sure to keep in touch with your groupmates and remind them of their deadlines and promises, and don't hesitate to ask for advice or help.

We are looking forward to our next Fusion event. One possibility for it is Joshua Tree National Park in November 2005. Any other suggestions or volunteers for helping to coordinate the event are much appreciated.

We hope to see you again next time!

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Valley View
Kevin, Paul, Lisette, Monica, Steve, Alvis, Tracy, Scott, Miguel, Alexis, Mark,
Matt, Kathryn, Sandra, Brad, Iveta, Christine, John
Photo by Kathryn

Friday Night Opening Ceremonies

Greg, Paul, Lisette, Iveta, John, Jeff, Jessica
Photo by Alexis

Getting Personal at the Top of the Ewoldsen Trail
Tyler, Alexis, Matt, Tracy, Scott, Mark, Sandra, Kevin, Patty
Photo by Norman

Deep in Discussion at the First Waterfall

Back: Miguel, Kevin, Alvis
Front: Stroke Greg, Paul, Sandra, Monica, Brad, Matt, John, Christine, Lisette
Photo by Alexis


Group in Tree
Matt, Sandra, Iveta, Greg, John, Kevin
Photo by Christine

Communal Umbrella
Brad, Kathryn, Jessica
Photo by Matt

How Many Futurists Does it Take to Figure out
How to Arm Wrestle?
Stoke Greg and Sandra
Photo by Christine

The Wonder of it All
Alvis and Miguel
Photo by Alexis

Man vs. Nature
Photo by Matt

Miguel, John, Norman at Pfeiffer Falls
Photo by Norman


Coastal View
Photo by Norman

Pfeiffer Falls
Photo by Alexis


Huffing and Puffing
Photo by Norman