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Preparation and Directions

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Important Fusion Guidelines

By Sunday, April 24th (or as early as you can):

1. Submit your profile (update it every time you attend) to ivetabrigis(at)accelerating.org. We'll get copies out to all your group members ASAP.

Before arriving in Big Sur:

2. Read the profiles of all your group members.
Spend at least 20 minutes per person writing out brief questions to ask them (elaboration, clarifications) and any other notes (advice, compliments, constructive critiques) that come to mind as you read each profile. You might even do a little online research to write down URLs, books, ideas that come to mind for helping that person.
: Print out a hard copy of your feedback to give to your Fusionmate. Doing this advance "homework" will give you a deeper sense of the interests and background of your group before we meet.

3. Share your personal passions.
Bring a few favorite gadgets, books, CDs, articles, or web printouts to show and tell. S
ome Fusioners even loan and mail stuff back to each other after the event.
Optional: Make copies of anything you'd like to give to all your group members.

During the Weekend Before Fusion II on Saturday night:

4. Reread profiles.
Go over any notes you may have taken during Fusion I. Write up brief Meta responses for each Fusionmate. Do you agree or disagree with others' verbal comments? See more issues to explore? Jot down at least three suggested action items for that person. They may be related to priorities you hear that person proclaiming, or things you think the person may be overlooking. They don't have to be the "most important," just three useful action items, from your perspective. Share those verbally or in written form with each member during Fusion II.

5. Write down your goals.
Near the end of Fusion II you'll be asked to brainstorm some of your top upcoming goals in front of the group. Afterward, review what was said and put together your own brief written Goals sheet. Think about ways to make your goals: 1) concrete (clear and measurable objectives), 2) manageable (ie, broken into bite-sized pieces), 3) prioritized, (e.g., which are most important), and how to make yourself accountable to completing the important ones. If you are willing to discuss your successes and challenges over the last year, this will bring insight to all of these areas..

At Fusion III on Sunday morning:

6. Share your goals.
6. Share your Goals sheet (3-10 top priorities) for the coming year with the group. Keep your Goals sheet and all your discussion notes, and bring them to next year's Fusion!

Preparations for the Trip

1. RSVP to Iveta by email or calling (650) 396-8220.

2. Figure out your transportation to Big Sur. Road trip with friends? Call us if you'd like to join a carpool or have a space to share.

3. Fill out your profile (or update your old one) and email it to ivetabrigis(at)accelerating.org by Sunday April 24th or you will be bugged incessantly until you do so.

4. Write 20 minutes of Feedback notes on each of your group member's profiles before the retreat. List and bring any Passions to share.

5. Print this page and the schedule and bring it to remind you of the rough format of our retreat (we'll probably make modifications along the way).

6. Print directions to Big Sur.

7. Pack your bags, remember the average temperature in Big Sur in May is in the mid-60's.

Pens and paper for fusioning
Hiking clothes including a jacket, windbreaker, hat, hiking shoes, walking stick
Water bottle
Bathing suit
Regular clothes for hanging out
Breakfast foods (there is also a general store at Big Sur Lodge) - two of the cabins have full kitchens
Munchies, drinks, and lunch stuff for the trail
Books, CDs, passions to share
Musical instruments

8. Come and enjoy yourself!