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Fusion 2005 in Big Sur, CA
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- Fusion groups and group leaders will be assigned in late February.
- You will have a window of time to request group reassignment.

We have beds for the first 20 and room for 30, and due to recent cancellations, we still have spots.
We encourage additional folks to form a second group and join us for the hiking!

Feel free to use this wiki page to organize a second group.

Confirmed Attendees:

Jef Albright
(Santa Barbara, CA)
Monica Anderson
(San Francisco, CA)
Miguel Aznar (Santa Cruz, CA)
Matt Bell (San Francisco, CA)
Raymond Todd Blackwood
(Phoenix, AZ)
Alvis Brigis
* (Hollywood, CA)
Iveta Brigis* (The OC, CA)
Brent Bushnell (Brentwood, CA)
Tyler Emerson
(San Francisco, CA)
Troy Gardner
(Santa Monica, CA)
Norman Gilmore (Los Angeles, CA)
Kenny Howery (San Francisco, CA)

* Group Moderator

Scott Lemon (Salt Lake City, UT)
Timothy Moenk (Atlanta, GA)
Jessica Richman (Stanford, CA)
Evan Robinson
(Vancouver, BC)
Sarah Robinson*
(Vancouver, BC)
Sandra Russel
l (Rancho Cucamonga, CA)
John Smart
* (San Pedro, CA)
Patty Sophos
(Los Angeles, CA)
Lisa Tansey
(San Diego, CA)
Peter T.
(San Francisco, CA)
Jeff Thompson
(The Valley, CA)
Sibley Verbeck (Washington, D.C.)

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