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by March 26th, 2006


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Preparation and Directions

- Please send brief answers to the following 10 questions at your earliest convenience to ivetabrigis(at)
- The deadline for profile submission is March 26th so your group members have enough time to read your profile before we head out to Joshua Tree.
- Try to stay under 200 words (5-10 sentences, 1-3 paragraphs) per question, if possible. Feel free to include web links if you'd like to reference additional info.
- If you have a profile from previous years, feel free to revise it and send it over but note that question 9 is different this year.

1. Contact Information. Name, email address, snail-mail address, home phone, and cell phone (for contacting each other on the way to and at the retreat).

2. Science. Experience and Interests. Brief educational background. What sciences fascinate you most? Which do you wish to learn more about? Do you expect advances in particular sciences in the future?

3. Technology. Experience and Interests. Tech skills, tools, and gadgets you rely on, if any. Which technologies are you most interested in? Which do you find worrisome? Do you expect any specific technology futures, such as a technological singularity (human-surpassing AI) in coming decades?

4. Business. Experience and Interests. Career activities. Business areas you follow. Expertise you might be willing to share. How do you envision your personal or general business future in 10 years? In 30?

5. Social. Experience and Interests. Social and personal interests you'd like to share. Humanist (humanities, cultural, social policy) topics you enjoy. Future issues in ethics, security, sustainability, democracy, global development, human rights, freedoms, or other policy you consider particularly important.

6. Organizations/Communications/Sources. Personal web page, if any. Groups you are affiliated with or promote. Web community and other info sources you use and recommend (e.g., sites you regularly read/participate in, news sources, magazines, classes, other "conversations" you value).

7. Problems and Projects. Existing or potential projects you've identified, and may or may not be working on. Areas of collaborative opportunity. Personal and social issues you find challenging, and want to share with the group.

8. Goals. Some of your general personal and professional goals for the coming year, progress you've made toward them, and some of the ways you've fallen short (if willing to share).

9. Six Months Left to Live. If you found out you had six months left to live, and that you would be completely healthy until the day you died, what would you do for the next six months? Assume that you have enough money to do whatever you want to do. What if you found out you had 24 hours?

10. Strengths and Weaknesses. Some self-perceived personal strengths and some personal areas you think you need to keep working on. Does community, friendships, education, or partnerships help with any of these? What are ongoing challenges?

Privacy Policy:
These profiles are only distributed by us to current attendees to each year's Fusion. If you have doubts about whether any of the information shared is confidential, ask the person who wrote it before discussing outside the retreat group. Thanks for giving your ideas and insights to our community!