Fusion Profile - Submit by May 12th, 2008

Please send answers to the following questions to ivetabrigis(at)accelerating(dot)org. Please send by May 12th so your fusionmates have enough time to read your profile before the event. Please try to stay between 100-300 words (4-10 sentences, 1-3 paragraphs) per question, long enough to give a real update on your life, but short enough so others can read all the profiles in their group (and any others they wish) in a reasonable time. Feel free to include web links if you'd like to reference additional info.

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1. Contact Info.
Name, email, mailing address, and cell phone (for contact at the retreat).

2. 100 Word Summary. Descibe yourself in 100 words or less, highlighting what you are most passionate about and what is most important to you (vision and values).

3. Strengths and Weaknesses. What are are some of your top talents? How are you currently using them? What are some of your weaknesses, how do they impact your life, and how are you currently handling them?

4. Goals Update (Last Twelve Months). Briefly list some of your personal and professional goals from the last 12 months and your status on them. Which have you achieved? Delayed? Changed/abandoned? What are some internal and external factors currently making it hard to achieve your goals? (Look back to last year's Fusion Profile if you have one, or anything else to help you do at least a rough last year's goals list).

5. Current Goals. What are your most important goals for the future? 1, 5, 10, 40 years out (or near, intermediate, and long range, however you define them)?

6. Problems and Projects. Existing or potential projects you've identified, and may or may not be working on. Areas of collaborative opportunity. Personal and social issues you find challenging, and want to share with the group.

7. Science. Experience and Interests. Brief educational background. What sciences fascinate you most? Which do you wish to learn more about? Do you expect advances in particular sciences in the future?

8. Technology. Experience and Interests. Tech skills, tools, and gadgets you rely on, if any. Which technologies are you most interested in? Which do you find worrisome? Do you expect any specific technology futures, such as a technological singularity (human-surpassing AI) in coming decades?

9. Business. Experience and Interests. Career activities. Business areas you follow. Expertise you might be willing to share.

10. Social. Experience and Interests. Social and personal interests you'd like to share. Humanist (humanities, cultural, social policy) topics you enjoy. Future issues in ethics, security, sustainability, democracy, global development, human rights, freedoms, or other policy you consider particularly important.

11. Recommended Resources. Personal web page, if any. Groups you are affiliated with or promote. Web community and other info sources you use and recommend (e.g., sites you regularly read/participate in, news sources, magazines, classes, other "conversations" you value and recommend). And the final question: Can you share at least one book, film, or other source that significantly made or changed your worldview, and tell us why in a sentence or two?

Profile Privacy Policy:
These profiles are only distributed by us to current attendees to each year's Fusion. If you have doubts about whether any of the information shared is confidential, ask the person who wrote it before discussing outside the retreat group. Thanks for giving your ideas and insights to our community!