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(An easy to print version will be distributed to attendees in May with maps, directions, etc.)

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Preparation and Directions

South Lake Tahoe, CA

How Do I Get There: South Lake Tahoe is 190 miles north-east of San Francisco, 490 miles from LA, and 105 miles from Sacramento. If you are flying from afar, look into Reno, NV, Oakland (the ever-affordable Southwest Airlines), and Sacramento. Driving directions will be provided for all attendees. Carpooling has been a lot of fun in the past! Check the Fusion Rideshare wiki (registration required to post)
When: June 13-16, 2008
How Much: $105 per person, includes accomodations
What Do I Need to Bring?: Your own food (and perhaps a little for others), athletic clothing, cool resources to share, and your bathing suit for the hot tub
What are the Accomodations Like?: We have rented 3 houses at Tahoe Tyrol Mountain Community, all within easy walking distance of each other. There are different combinations of accomodations available, i.e. double and queen beds, twin beds, etc. If you have a preference for a quieter house or for being in the central meeting house, let us know and we will try to accommodate. The houses have all the towels, linens, and kitchen equipment we will need
What will the Weather be Like:? Probably great! In June, the probability of sunny skies is usually >90%, and the average afternoon high temperature ranges between 69 and 77 degrees.
Communications: Cell phone reception is sometimes unreliable in the mountainous areas, and all the rental houses have land lines with free long-distance and international calling. Two of the houses have high speed internet, and one has a dial-up connection.

We hope you can join us!