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AC2004 Credits

Our sincere thanks to the special people who made Accelerating Change 2004 such a great success.

Lead Sponsor
SAP: Shai Agassi, Mona Bhardwaj, David Downing, Aliza Peleg, Bob Russes, Joachim Schaper

Platinum Sponsor
DFJ: Steve Jurvetson

Gold Sponsor, Artificial Development: Marcos Guillen
Silver Sponsor, SocialText: Ross Mayfield and Peter Kaminski
Bronze Sponsor, Segway Los Angeles: Jason Stemmler
Lunch Sponsor, IPv6 Summit: Alex Lightman

Organizational Sponsors
Persuasive Technology Lab, Stanford: BJ Fogg
Virtual Human Interaction Lab, Stanford: Jeremy Bailenson
Association for Professional Futurists: Andy Hines and Peter Bishop
SoftTECH: Julia Glenister and Jeff Van Vliet

Media Partner
IT Conversations: Doug Kaye

Executive Producers
John Smart – President, Co-Producer
Mark Finnern – Board Member, Co-Producer
Iveta Brigis - Executive Director, Production Manager
Jerry Paffendorf - Conference Director
Sandra Russell – Board Member, Logistics Goddess

Awesome Emcees and Moderators
Sonia Arrison, Melanie Swan Clark Aldrich, Tom Cowper, Steve Jurvetson, Alex Lightman, Cory Ondrejka

Production Staff
Joe Beachy - Technical Director
Norman Gilmore - Assistant Technical Director
Marlon Rojas - Graphics Director
Jimbob Peltaire - Tech Night Director
Jeff Thompson - Board Member, WiFi Wizard
Adam Lasnik - Forum Community Manager
Alvis Brigis – Production Consultant
Philip Cojanis – Sound Wizard
Tyler Emerson - A/V, Site Logistics
Dennis Whipple - Camera, DVD Editor
Ted St. Rain – Camera, DVD Production
Tony Diaz - DVD Consultant
Sam Coniglio - A/V, Photography
Gaurav Gupta – Web Wizardry
Kamalika Sen Roy - Web Consultant
Sebastian Masuelli - Video Mixer
Alex Kawas - Production Assistant

AC2004 General Volunteers
Michael Anissimov, Randy Davidson, Neal Gorenflo, Paul Grasshoff, Eric Gruber, Mary Beth Haggerty, Janet Jozefak, Jason Kolker, Mark Lenhart, Sponge Nebson, Celeste Pace, Wayne Radinsky, Evelyn Rodriguez, Jessica Richman, George Rogers, John Smart Sr., Paul Smart, Chris Smith, Richie Zakis

Thanks to Mike Korns and Gilda Cabral for their advice and support.

A special thanks to Bea Smart, mother of John, for her constant encouragement and for seeing all this coming much earlier than the rest of us did.

We are sincerely privileged to be working with all of you.

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