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Speaker Slide Presentations (alpha by last name)

Check here as we post the slide presentations of participating speakers in the weeks after AC2004.

Note: To maximize information sharing, where possible we have posted presentations as PowerPoints rather than PDFs to make it easy to import images, text, and slides for your own use. Be sure to make proper attribution whenever you use another's material.

Click images to download (be patient, big files take a long time).

Lada Adamic (2.2MB, PPT)

Shai Agassi (0.7MB, PDF)

Clark Aldrich (13MB, PPT)

Jeremy Bailenson (4.7MB, PPT)

Nova Barlow (0.5MB, PPT)

Gordon Bell (8.7MB, PPT)

Cynthia Breazeale (5MB, PPT)

Milton Chen (0.8MB, PPT)

Doug Engelbart (0.7MB, PPT)

BJ Fogg (1.2MB, PDF)

Robin Harper (1.6MB, PPT)

Bruce Hall (15MB, PPT)

Richard Marks (3.3MB, PPT)

John Mauldin (1.4MB, PPT)

Andreas Olligschlaeger (0.3MB,PPT)

Jerry Paffendorf (6.4MB, PPT)

Christine Peterson (1.1MB, PPT)

Zack Rosen (0.5MB, PPT)

Joachim Schaper (2.9MB, PDF)

John Smart (2.5MB, PPT)

Jim Spohrer (6.7MB, PPT)


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