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What Are Our Major Benefits and Risks
With Regard to Accelerating Change?

This is an essential question, and perhaps one that only an informed and diverse community can properly entertain. ASF and Accelerating Change is the start of such a community. We each have our own perspectives, and our personal insights and perceptions are always improved in public interchange with inquisitive minds.

As John Kao says, the strength of a network is proportional to the diversity and intellectual and emotional commitment of its members. As Buckminster Fuller says, one cannot get an unbiased education, so our real world goal should be to get a multi-biased one. This argues that we be exposed to the full range of human thought on the benefits, risks and control options of our accelerating future, and be able to articulate all the major views on controversial and important questions of insight and action, regardless of the particular position we currently hold.

Join us at the world's only annual gathering devoted to broad and strategic exploration of the continually accelerating changes in science and technology, and their risks and opportunities for business and society. Accelerating Change 2004 is a conference of passionate and multidisciplinary minds, all sharing a common interest in better understanding and guiding humanity into our extraordinary future.

Key Questions
What is accelerating change?
Why is accelerating change important?
What are the historical drivers of accelerating change?
What is the "technological singularity"?
Where will accelerating change take us in the 21st century?
What are our major benefits and risks with regard to accelerating change?

Analysis • Forecasting • Action

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