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Recommended generalist titles for better understanding and guiding accelerating change in a range of planetary, political, social, and personal environments.

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Catalog of Tomorrow, Andrew Zolli, 0789728109
CIA World Factbook, 2002, 1574884751
Consilience, Edwin O. Wilson, 067976867X
Creating Better Futures: Scenario Planning for a Better Tomorrow, James Ogilvy, 0195146115
Cultural Creatives, Paul Ray, 0609808451
Cyber Reader, Neil Spiller, 0714840718
Democracies in Flux, Robert Putnam, 0195150899
Digital Democracy, Cynthia Alexander, 0195413598
Emergence, Steven Johnson, 0684868768
Emotional Intelligence, Daniel Goleman, 0553375067
Enough, Bill McKibben, 0805070966
Ethics in an Age of Technology, Ian Barbour, 0060609354
Faster, James Gleick, 067977548X
Freedom in the World, Freedom House, 076580977X
Future of Peace, Scott Hunt, 0062517414
Future Positive: International Cooperation, Michael Edwards, 1853837407
Globalization and Education, Nelly Stromquist, 0847699196
Growing Up Digital, Don Tapscott, 0071347984
Guns, Germs, and Steel, Jared Diamond, 0393317552
Induction: Inference, Learning, and Discovery, John Holland, 0262580969
Inequality Reexamined, Amartya Sen, 0674452569
Information Anxiety 2, Richard Wurman, 0789724103
Innumeracy, John Allen Paulos, 0809058405
Intelligence Wars, Thomas Powers, 1590170237
Is Progress Speeding Up?, John Templeton, 1890151025
It's Getting Better All The Time, Stephen Moore/Julian Simon, 1882577973
Jihad vs. McWorld, Benjamin Barber, 0345383044
Longitudes and Attitudes, Thomas Friedman, 0374190666
Managing Technological Change: College and University Leaders, A.W. Bates, 0787946818
Many Globalizations, Peter Berger, 0195151461
Merchants of Immortality, Stephen Hall, 0618095241
Multiple Intelligences, Howard Gardner, 046501822X
Natural Capitalism, Paul Hawken, 0316353000
Nonzero, Robert Wright, 0679758941
One World, Peter Singer, 0300096860
Our Posthuman Future, Francis Fukuyama, 0312421710
Privacy in the Information Age, Fred Cate, 0815713150
Shrinking the Cat, Sue Hubbell, 0618257489
Smart Mobs, Howard Rheingold, 0738206083
State of the World 2003, Worldwatch Institute, 0393323862
The Alphabet versus the Goddess, Leonard Schlan, 0140196013
The A to Z of World Development, Wayne Ellwood, 1869847466
The Collapse of Complex Societies, Joseph Tainter, 052138673X
The Dawn of Human Culture, Richard Klein, 0471252522
The Diffusion of Innovations, Everett Rogers, 0029266718
The Electric Meme, Robert Aunger, 0743201507
The Future and Its Enemies, Virginia Postrel, 0684862697
The Future of Freedom, Fareed Zakaria, 0393047644
The Future of Ideas, Lawrence Lessig, 0375726446
The Future of the Past, Alexander Stille, 0312420943
The Informational City, Manuel Castells, 0631179372
The Media Equation: How We Treat Computers, TV, & New Media, Byron Reeves, 1575860538
The Mind's I, Douglas Hofstadter, 0465030912
The Moral Life of Children, Robert Coles, 0871137704
The Mystery of Capital, Hernando De Soto 0465016146
The Next 50 Years, John Brockman, 0375713425
The Next Deal, Andrei Cherny 0465009727
The Other Path, Hernando De Soto 0465016103
The Power of Babel, John McWhorter, 006052085X
The Power of Identity, Manuel Castells, 1557868743
The Right To Learn, Linda Darling-Hammond, 0787959421
The Shattered Self: The End of Natural Evolution, Pierre Baldi, 0262523345
The Skeptical Environmentalist, Bjorn Lomborg, 0521010683
The Social Life of Information, John Seely Brown, 1578517087
The Systems View of the World, Ervin Laszlo, 1572730536
The Tipping Point, Malcolm Gladwell, 0316346624
The Transparent Society, David Brin, 0738201448
The World According to Pimm: A Scientist Audits the Earth, 0071374906
Tomorrow's Children, Riane Eisler, 0813365694
Understanding Poverty, Sheldon Danziger, 0674008766
UNDP HDR 2002 Deepening Democracy in a Fragmented World, 0195219155
UNDP Human Dev. Report 2001: Making New Tech Work for Human Development, 0195218353
Visions of STS, Stephen Cutcliffe, 0791448460
Waking Up in Time, Peter Russell, 1579830021
What Will Be, Michael Dertouzos, 0062515403
Who Owns Information? Ann Branscomb, 046509144X
Why People Believe Weird Things, Michael Shermer, 0805070893
World Politics into the Twenty First Century, Lepgold, 013032535X

Key Questions
What is accelerating change?
Why is accelerating change important?
What are the historical drivers of accelerating change?
What is the "technological singularity"?
Where will accelerating change take us in the 21st century?
What are our major benefits and risks with regard to accelerating change?

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