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Recommended generalist titles for better understanding the scientific dimension and implications of a range of important systems of accelerating change.

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A Brain for All Seasons, William Calvin, 0226092011
A Means to an End, William Clark, 0195153758
A New Kind of Science, Stephen Wolfram, 1579550088
A Shortcut Through Time, George Johnson, 0375411933
A Walk Through Time, Sidney Liebes, 0471317004
Alpha and Omega, Charles Seife, 0670031798
An Introduction to General Systems Thinking, Gerald Weinberg, 0932633498
Anthropic Bias, Nick Bostrom, 0415938589

At Home in the Universe, Stuart Kauffman, 0195111303
Before the Beginning, Martin Rees, 0738200336
Beyond Chaos, Mark Ward, 0312274890
Beyond Natural Selection (Self-Organization) Robert Wesson, 1991, 0262731029
Biocosm, James Gardner, 1930722222
Black Holes and Baby Universes, Stephen Hawking, 0553374117
Cellular Automata and Complexity, Stephen Wolfram, 0201626640
Chance in Biology, Mark Denny, 0691094942
Chaos and Fractals: New Frontiers, Peitgen, 0387979034
Chemistry Demystified, Linda Williams, 0071410112
Complexity and the Function of Mind in Nature, Peter Godfrey-Smith, 0521646243
Complexity, Roger Lewin, 0226476553
Conceptual Spaces: The Geometry of Thought, Peter Gardenfors, 0262071991
Consciousness in Four Dimensions, Richard Pico, 0071354999
Cosmic Evolution, Eric Chaisson, 0674009878
Darwinism Evolving, Depew, 0262540835
Darwin's Blind Spot (Symbiosis), Frank Ryan, 0618118128
Darwin's Dangerous Idea, Daniel Dennett, 068482471X
Design Principles for Immune System & Other Complex Adaptive Systems, Lee Segel/SFI, 0195137000
Developmental Biology, Scott Gilbert, 0878932585
Developmental Plasticity and Evolution, Mary Jane West-Eberhard, 0195122356
Emergence, John Holland, 0738201421
Evolution in Mind, Henry Plotkin, 0674001958
Evolution, Carl Zimmer, 0060958502
Evolving Brains, John Allman, 071676038X
Exploring Consciousness, Rita Carter, 0520237374
Figments of Reality, Ian Stewart, 0521663830
Five Golden Rules, John Casti, 0471193372
Five More Golden Rules, John Casti, 0471395285
Foundations of Complex-System Theories, Sunny Auyang, 0531778263
From Complexity to Life, Niels Gregerson, 0195150708
Fundamental Neuroscience, Larry Squire, 0126603030
Genes, Memes, and Human History, Stephen Shennan, 0500051186
Global Brain, Howard Bloom, 0471419192
God and Design, Neil Manson (Ed.), 0415263441
Handbook of Intelligence, Robert Sternberg, 0521596483
Hidden Order, John Holland, 0201442302
How Humans Evolved, Boyd and Silk, 0393978540
How the Mind Works, Steven Pinker, 0393318486
Hyperspace: Our Final Frontier, John Gribbin, 0789478382
Immunology and Evolution of Infectious Disease, Steven Frank, 0691095957
Immunology, Goldsby, 0716749475
Impossibility: Science of Limits, John Barrow, 0198518900
Infosense, Keith Devlin, 0716741644

Instability Rules, Charles Flowers, 0471380423
Introduction to Nanotechnology, Charles Poole, 0471079359
Investigations, Stuart Kauffman, 0195121058
Just Six Numbers, Martin Rees, 0465036732
Knowing Machines, Donald MacKenzie, 0262631881
Life Everywhere: The Science of Astrobiology, David Darling, 0465015638
Linked, Albert-Laszlo Barabasi, 0452284392
Many Worlds: The New Universe, Extraterrestrial Life, and Theol. Implications, Steven Dick, 1890151424
Mind over Matter, K.C. Cole, 0151008167
Models of Intelligence, Robert Sternberg, 1557989710
Nanoelectronics and Information Technology, Rainer Waser(Ed), 3527403639
Nanosystems, Eric Drexler, 0471575186
Nature's Destiny, Michael Denton, 0684845091
Nature Via Nurture, Matt Ridley, 0060006781
Networks of Innovation, Ilkka Tuomi, 0199256985
Next Generation Intelligent Networks, Johan Zuidweg, 1580532632
No Free Lunch, William Dembski, 0742512975
Optics, Eugene Hecht, 0805385665
Our Cosmic Habitat, Martin Rees, 0691114773
Out of Control, Kevin Kelly, 0201483408
Patterns in the Sand, Terry Bossomaier 0738201723
Photonics Essentials, Thomas Pearsall, 0071408754
Quintessence, Lawrence Krauss, 0465037410
Rapid Prototyping, C.K. Chua, 9812381201
Rational Mysticism, John Horgan, 0618060278
Scaling: Animal Size, Knut Schmidt-Nielsen, 0521319870
Self Organization in Biological Systems, Scott Camazine, 0691012113
Signs of Life, Sole and Goodwin, 0465019285
Six Degrees, Duncan Watts, 0393041425
Supramolecular Chemistry, Johnathan Steed, 0471987913
Surfing Through Hyperspace, Clifford Pickover, 0195142411
Symbiotic Planet, Lynn Margulis, 0465072720
Sync: The Emerging Science of Spontaneous Order, Steven Strogatz, 0786868449
The Accelerating Universe, Mario Livio, 0471399760
The Algebraic Mind: Integrating Connectionism and Cognitive Science, Gary Marcus, 0262133792
The Bit and the Pendulum, Tom Siegfried, 0471399744
The Book of Nothing, John Barrow, 0375726098
The Borderlands of Science, Michael Shermer, 0195157982
The Children of Prometheus, Christopher Wills, 0738201685
The Collapse of Chaos, Jack Cohen, 0670849839
The Colossal Book of Mathematics, Martin Gardner, 0393020231
The Computational Beauty of Nature, Gary Flake, 0262561271
The Constants of Nature, John Barrow, 0375422218
The Cosmic Dance, Giuseppe Del Re, 1890151254
The Demon-Haunted World, Carl Sagan, 0345409469
The Elegant Universe, Brian Greene, 0375708111
The Emergence of Everything, Harold Morowitz, 019513513X
The Evolutionary Trajectory, Richard Coren, 9056996010
The Evolution of Cooperation, Robert Axelrod, 0465021212
The Evolution of Infectious Disease, Paul Ewald, 0195111397
The Extended Organism: Animal-Built Structures, Scott Turner, 0674009851
The Far-Future Universe, George Ellis (Ed), 1890151904
The Force of Symmetry, Vincent Icke, 0521404959
The Fourth Dimension, Rudy Rucker, 0395393884
The Genius Within: Discovering the Intell. of Every Living Thing, Frank Vertosick, 0151005516
The Language of Mathematics, Keith Devlin, 0716739674
The Life of the Cosmos, Lee Smolin, 0195126645
The Lucifer Principle, Howard Bloom, 0871136643
The Major Transitions in Evolution, John Maynard Smith, 019850294X
The Math Gene, Keith Devlin, 0465016197
The Millennium Problems, Keith Devlin, 0465017290
The MIT Encyc. of the Cognitive Sciences, Robert Wilson(Ed), 0262731444
The Moral Animal, Robert Wright, 0679763996
The Natural Selection of Autonomy, Bruce Waller, 0791438201
The New Ambidextrous Universe, Martin Gardner, 0716720930
The Origin of Minds, Peggy LaCerra, 0609605585
The Origins of Virtue, Matt Ridley, 0140264450
The Pursuit of Destiny: A History of Prediction, Paul Halpern, 0738200956
The River that Flows Uphill, William Calvin, 0871567199
The Self-Made Tapestry, Philip Ball, 01988502435
The Shape of Life, Rudolf Raff, 0226702669
The Shape of Space, Jeffrey Weeks, 0824707095
The Symbolic Species, Terrence Deacon, 0393317544
The Touchstone of Life, Werner Loewenstein, 0195140575
Time of Our Lives: Science of Human Aging, Tom Kirkwood, 0195128249
Understanding the Infinite, Shaughan Lavine, 0674921178
Up From Dragons: Evolution of Human Intelligence, John Skoyles and Dorion Sagan, 0071878251
Viruses, Plagues, and History, Michael Oldstone, 0195134222
Voyage Through Time, Ahmed Zewail, 9774246772
Where is Everybody?, Stephen Webb, 0387955011
Where Mathematics Comes From, George Lakoff, 0465037712
Why Smart People Can Be So Stupid, Robert Sternberg, 0300090331
Why We Age, Steven Austad, 0471148032

Key Questions
What is accelerating change?
Why is accelerating change important?
What are the historical drivers of accelerating change?
What is the "technological singularity"?
Where will accelerating change take us in the 21st century?
What are our major benefits and risks with regard to accelerating change?

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