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Recommended generalist titles for better understanding and guiding accelerating change in technological and computational environments.

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A Nation Transformed by Information, Chandler 0195127013
AI For Games and Animation, John Funge, 1568811039
Apprentices of Wonder, William Allman, 0553349465
Are We Spiritual Machines?, Jay Richards, 096385439
Arguing A.I., Sam Williams, 081299180X
Artificial Minds, Stan Franklin, 0262561093
Bebop to the Boolean Boogie (Intro to Electronics), Clive Maxfield, 0750675438
Biochip Technology, Jing Cheng, 9057026139
Bioinformatics: The Machine Learning Approach, Pierre Baldi, 026202506X
Biometrics: Identity Assurance in the Information Age, John Woodward, 0072222271
Biomolecular Sensors, Electra Gizeli, 074840791X
Biorobotics, Barbara Webb, 026273141X
Brainchildren, Daniel Dennett, 0262540908
Brave New Unwired World, Alex Lightman, 0471441104
Bringing Design to Software, Terry Winograd, 0201854910
Carrier Grade Voice Over IP, Collins, 0071406344
Chris Crawford on Game Design, 0131460994
Code and Other Laws of Cyberspace, Lawrence Lessig, 0465039138
Creating Internet Intelligence, Ben Goertzel, 0306467356
Creative Evolutionary Systems, Peter J.Bentley, 1558606734
Crystal Fire, Michael Riordan, 0393318516
Darwin Among the Machines: Evolution of Global Intelligence, George Dyson, 0738200301
Data Mining Explained, Delmater, 1555582311
Deep Blue, an AI Milestone, Newborn, 0387954619
Designing Effective Speech Interfaces, Susan Weinschenk, 0471375454
Designing Sociable Robots, Cynthia Breazeal, 0262025108
Digital Biology, Peter Bentley, 0743204476
Engines of Creation, Eric Drexler, 0385199732
Ethics and Technology, Herman Tavani, 0471249661
Evolutionary Robotics, Stefano Nolfi, 0262140705
Fire in the Valley, Paul Freiberger, 0071358927
Flesh and Machines: How Robots Will Change Us, Rodney Brooks, 037572527X
From Animals to Animats 6, Proceedings of CSAB, 0262632004
Go To, Steve Lohr, 0465042260
Google Hacks, Tara Calishain, 0596004478
Hal's Legacy, David Stork, 0262692112
How Things Work: The Physics of Everyday Things, Louis Bloomfield, 0471381519
Human Computer Interaction in the New Millennium, John Carroll, 0201704471
Hyperreality, John Tiffin, 041526104X
Informatics: Ten Years Back, Ten Years Ahead, Reinhard Wilhelm(ed), 3540416358
Information Design, Robert Jacobson, 0262600358
Introduction to Artificial Life, Christof Adami, 0387946462
Made to Measure: New Materials, Philip Ball, 0691009759
Fundamentals of Microfabrication, Mark Madou, 0849308267
Fundamentals of Microsystem Packaging, Rao Tummala, 0071371699
Mind Children, Hans Moravec, 0674576187
Minds, Brains, and Computers, Robert Cummins, 1557868778
Nanotechnology: A Gentle Introduction, Mark Ratner, 0131014005
Natural Born Cyborgs, Andy Clark, 0195148665
Natural Language Understanding, James Allen, 0805303340
Neurotechnology for Biomimetic Robots, Ayers, 026201193X
Optical Networks: 3rd Generation Transport Systems, Uyless Black, 0130607266
Pattern Classification, Richard Duda, 0471056693
Persuasive Technology, B.J. Fogg, 1558606432
Phase Change: The Computer Revolution in Science and Math, Douglas Robertson, 0195157486
Radical Simplicity, Frederick Hayes-Roth, 0131002910
Release 2.1, Esther Dyson, 076790012X
Robo Sapiens, Peter Menzel, 0262632454
Robot, Hans Moravec, 0195136306
Robots for Kids, Allison Druin, 1558605975
Speech and Language Processing, Daniel Jurafsky, 0130950696
Swarm Intelligence, James Kennedy, 1558605959
Talking Nets: An Oral History of Neural Networks, James Anderson, 0262511118
Technomanifestos, Adam Brate, 1587991039
The Advent of the Algorithm, David Berlinski, 0156013916
The Age of Spiritual Machines, Ray Kurzweil, 0140282025
The Art and Business of Speech Recognition, Blade Kotelly, 0321154924
The Body Electric, James Geary, 0813531942
The Computer and the Brain, John von Neumann, 0300084730
The Control Revolution, Andrew Shapiro, 189162086X
The Digital Divide (Rapidly Closing), Benjamin Compaine, 0262531933
The Dream Machine, Mitchell Waldrop, 014200135X
The Essence of Artificial Intelligence, Allison Cawsey, 0135717795
The Essential Guide to Semiconductors, Jim Turley, 013046404X
The Humane Interface, Jef Raskin, 0201379376
The Internet Challenge to Television, Bruce Owen, 0674003896
The MEMS Handbook, Mohamed Gad-el-Hak, 0849300770
The Mind Within the Net, Manfred Spitzer, 0262692368
The Power of Light, Frank Kryza, 0071400214
The Spike, Damien Broderick, 031287782X
The Technology Machine: Manufacturing in 2020, Patricia Moody, 0684837099
The Technology Pork Barrel, Linda Cohen, Roger Noll, 0815715072
The Universal Computer, Martin Davis, 0393047857
The Unfinished Revolution, Michael Dertouzos, 0066620686
The Victorian Internet, Tom Standage, 0425171698
Things that Make us Smart, Donald Norman, 0201626950
Tissue Biomaterial Interactions, Kay Dee, 0471253944
Tools for Thought, Howard Rheingold, 0262681153
Travels to the Nanoworld, Michael Gross, 0738204447
Understanding Intelligence, Rolf Pfeifer, 026266125X
Virtual Realism, Michael Heim, 0195138740
Visions of Technology, Richard Rhodes, 0684863111
Visualize This, Joe Clabby, 0130662550
We've Got Blog, Rebecca Blood, 0738207411
When Things Start to Think, Neil Gershenfeld, 080505880X
Where Wizards Stay Up Late, Katie Hafner, 0684832674
Who is Fourier?: A Mathematical Adventure, LRF, 0964350408

Key Questions
What is accelerating change?
Why is accelerating change important?
What are the historical drivers of accelerating change?
What is the "technological singularity"?
Where will accelerating change take us in the 21st century?
What are our major benefits and risks with regard to accelerating change?

Analysis • Forecasting • Action

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