Accelerating Change 2005. September 16-18, Stanford University. Artificial Intelligence and Intelligence Amplification. Transforming Technology, Empowering Humanity

Brief Overview

The Accelerating Change conference is a production of the nonprofit Acceleration Studies Foundation (ASF). We are a growing community of 3,100 future-oriented technologists, entrepreneurs, industry, institutional and government leaders, academics, scientists, strategists, humanists, and others interested in better understanding and guidance of accelerating planetary change.

What is Accelerating Change? We are the premiere conference exploring the opportunities and challenges of accelerating technological change. Our conference exists to network and inform the most broad minded, future-aware, practical and passionate change agents, both presenters and participants. Each year we collectively consider the staggering changes occuring on our increasingly intelligent planet.

In today's fast-paced technological environment, understanding and guiding accelerating change involves a new way of thinking, learning to see the most powerful and broadly applicable innovations, processes, trends, and physical efficiencies, and discovering where, when, and how to harness those to create value in the modern world.

Each fall at Stanford University, Accelerating Change brings together an intimate, open-minded, and passionate group of world-class speakers and attendees to discuss today's most important trends in the science, technology, business, and social development of accelerating change. Think Emerging Technologies (O'Reilly, MIT) but with a bigger picture, longer-term, strategic scope.

Speakers present a mix of analysis, forecasting, and action items, with multidisciplinary inquiry and a synthesis of technical, entrepreneurial, and social development dialogs. Accelerating Change meta-themes: How do we use technology to rapidly and humanely improve our world? Where does the world need to be changed, and what do we need to protect in the process?

Why Should You Attend? Accelerating Change promotes high-yield, multidisciplinary, and critical understanding of accelerating technological change in service to professional and personal development. You'll meet uniquely broad minded, synthetic-thinking practical futurists and change-makers here, and the connections you make will be among the most important, productive, and informative in your life.

Who Should Attend? Anyone with an interest or responsibility for trend tracking, forecasting, investing, competitive intelligence, strategic planning, policy analysis, product development, business development, and change management.

Need More? Read this special letter on the personal and professional benefits of the Accelerating Change community.

We hope you can join us at Stanford this September.


John Smart
President, ASF


Key Questions
How does computation affect our environment?
What is accelerating technological change?
Why is accelerating change important?
What is the universal story of accelerating change?
What is the "technological singularity" hypothesis?
Where might accelerating change take us in the 21st century?
What are our main benefits and risks with regard to accelerating change?
How do we improve the study of accelerating change?


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