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Sponsors Directory

ACC2003 Sponsors Directory

It is a sincere privilege to announce the sponsors of the Accelerating Change Conference 2003. We are grateful to these dynamic, change-aware organizations for their support of our conference and growing community, and look forward to developing a strong relationship with all of them in the coming years.

If your organization would like to lend your support and make its message known, both at and after ACC2003, there are still opportunities available. See our sponsorships page for more details.

Gold Sponsors

SAP – 30 Years in the Business of Helping Businesses Grow

12 Million Users, 60,100 Installations, 1,500 Partners, 23 Industry Solutions

Founded in 1972, SAP is the recognized leader in providing collaborative business solutions for all types of industries and for every major market. Headquartered in Walldorf, Germany, SAP is the world's largest inter-enterprise software company, and the world's third-largest independent software supplier overall. SAP employs over 28,900 people in more than 50 countries. Their professionals are dedicated to providing high-level customer support and services.

SAP has leveraged their extensive experience to deliver mySAP Business Suite, the definitive family of business solutions for today's economy. mySAP Business Suite allows employees, customers, and business partners to work together successfully – anywhere, anytime. It is open and flexible, supporting databases, applications, operating systems, and hardware from almost every major vendor. By deploying the best technology, services, and development resources, SAP delivers a business platform that unlocks valuable information resources, improves supply chain efficiencies, and builds strong customer relationships; and through SAP Corporate Research, SAP introduces new ideas for future solutions.

Artificial Development

Artificial Development is building CCortex™, a complete 20-billion neuron emulation of the Human Cortex and peripheral systems, on a cluster of 500 computers – the largest neural network created to date.

CCortex will be able to perform a number of tasks previously unavailable to traditional computing by recreating the complexity and functionality of those cortical regions that are most likely responsible for processing higher-level functions of human intelligence.

Artificial Development plans to deliver a wide range of commercial products based on artificial versions of different parts of the human brain that will enhance business relationships globally.

Silver Sponsors


Draper Fisher Jurvetson – Information Technology Venture Capital

DFJ is the leader in seed and early stage venture capital, typically serving as a startup's first outside source of financing. Founded in 1985, DFJ has created a global network of affiliated venture funds with approximately $3 billion in capital commitments and offices in the major technology centers around the world. Headquartered in Silicon Valley, the firm has proven expertise in identifying and helping extraordinary entrepreneurs who want to change the world.


Foresight Institute - Preparing for Nanotechnology

Foresight Institute's goal is to guide emerging technologies to improve the human condition. Foresight focuses its efforts upon nanotechnology, the coming ability to build materials and products with atomic precision, and upon systems that will enhance knowledge exchange and critical discussion, thus improving public and private policy decisions.

Foresight Institute recognizes that nanotechnology – like all pivotal technologies – brings both potential perils and benefits. To help achieve the advantages and avoid the dangers, Foresight's policy is to prepare for nanotechnology by:

  • promoting understanding of nanotechnology and its effects;
  • informing the public and decision makers;
  • developing an organizational base for addressing nanotechnology-related issues and-
  • communicating openly about them; and,
  • actively pursuing beneficial outcomes of nanotechnology, including improved economic, social and environmental conditions.

Nanotechnology will allow control of the structure of matter within the broad limits set by physical laws. Other limits will be necessary to prevent abuses by individuals, groups and nations bent upon undesirable ends. Global competitive forces and continuing progress in molecular sciences will lead ultimately to the realization of nanotechnology. Foresight seeks to ensure that nanotechnology, when developed, will be used to improve conditions in the broadest sense, rather than for destructive or narrow purposes. Nanotechnology must be developed openly to serve the general welfare and the continued realization of the human potential.



Insightful visions of the future from Ray Kurzweil and over 100 other "big thinkers" come to life at KurzweilAI.net. The site features the ideas, writings, and technologies of leading visionaries who are examining the confluence of accelerating revolutions that will shape the future and their impact on all aspects of our lives.

Topics range from current breakthroughs in AI, pattern recognition, electronics, computation, communications, biotechnology, robotics and virtual reality to long-range forecasts of brain scanning, nanotechnology, life extension, reverse-engineering the brain, and brain augmentation.

KurzweilAI.net explores ideas from Ray Kurzweil’s latest best-selling book (formerly No. 1 in “Science” on Amazon.com), The Age of Spiritual Machines, which focuses on exponential growth in knowledge, computation, telecommunications, biotechnologies, miniaturization of technology, and other revolutionary areas; and from his upcoming book, The Singularity is Near.

KurzweilAI.net’s extensive resources include a free daily newsletter, conferences, hundreds of articles, visual glossary/idea hierarchy, interactive avatar site guide, and bios of big thinkers.

“Famed AI researcher Ray Kurzweil’s vast megacomplex of Singularity-related material. Probably the largest Singularity resource on the Web, and certainly the one with the coolest website (including the famed 'Ramona' spokesbot).” – Google

“Ray Kurzweil has a knack for spotting the next new thing; he’s best known for guerrilla assaults on conventional wisdom. His new website KurzweilAI.net is a futurist’s portal where essays from big thinkers are hosted by a cybernetic rage rocker named Ramona.” – WIRED

Bronze Sponsors

Teleportec – The Ultimate in Global Face-to-Face Communication

Teleportec conferencing makes it possible to be in two places at once, wherever you are in the world. Their easy to use systems digitally teleport your image from your location to a meeting, conference or event. You will appear in the room live, life-size, within an apparent 3-dimensional environment as if you are actually there and have eye-to-eye contact with those present. Natural face-to-face interaction can now take place without traveling across the world, saving your business time and money and enhancing your internal and external communications network. This really is the closest thing to being there – the only thing you can't do is shake hands!

With no visible cameras or monitors, their systems are user friendly, require minimum training, and can be installed to suit your individual requirements. The technology is compatible with standard video conferencing equipment and can use a range of connectivity options including ISDN, T1 and IP. Teleportec upgrades are now also available for existing video conferencing users. Group-to-group and multi-site communication is also possible.

Howard Bloom Video Sponsor

Charmed Technology - Wireless Everywear

Los Angeles-based Charmed Technology is an MIT Media Lab spin-off and is poised to be a world leader in affordable, wearable Internet products, services and technologies. As part of its strategic business plan, the company has established strategic partnerships with companies such as CTIA Wireless I.T. & Internet 2001, Red Herring, MIT's Media Lab, the University of Rochester Center for Future Health, Motorola, and others. With these partners, the company is working to develop miniaturized devices with Internet connection and powerful computer capabilities. The Charmed Technology vision is to incorporate the unwired Internet into fashion, lifestyle and health applications by creating inexpensive wireless mobile devices that will allow individuals to access the World Wide Web anywhere and anytime through wireless technology. With enabling technologies already in place, Charmed Technology plans to completely penetrate the market, revolutionizing the way people interact with each other through wireless Internet communications. The unique transportal (TM) system provides multiple user access to a global computer network.

Contributor Sponsors

The Arlington Institute

The Arlington Institute is an internationally respected non-profit research organization that specializes in thinking about global futures in order to influence rapid, positive change. Arlington believes that we are living in an era of global transition, to a degree that our species has never seen before. We have made it our mission to help facilitate this transition and to connect and associate with like-minded people so that together we may embrace the opportunities of this future. Arlington encourages systemic, non-linear approaches to planning and believes that effective thinking about the future is enhanced by applying newly emerging technology. To that end, one of Arlington's major projects is developing a revolutionary new information system designed to track global trends and anticipate surprises. In the broadest sense, we help leadership from all sectors chart the most direct course to preferred futures.


Global Vision Consulting Ltd.

Global Vision Consulting Ltd. helps organizations understand and respond effectively to the challenges of change.

Fierce competition and traumatic shifts in the business environment have triggered a Red Queen response in the economy, with companies innovating and adapting continuously in order to survive. The cycle of change frequently appears to be spinning out of control, in a quickening exchange of thrust and counter-thrust.

In such a turbulent environment, reaction time is critical. Companies must be more adept than ever in sizing up competitive dynamics, choosing a strategy, recreating their business model, and implementing rapid change. Execution is key, since they must mobilize their resources again and again to implement repeated transformational change, in a never-ending and ever-accelerating cycle.

Global Vision helps organizations understand the forces of change and uses scenarios to clarify their options. We help clients refine their business model and create actionable strategies.

We use outcome mapping to create transformational change programs that integrate all of the required initiatives, aligned with corporate strategy – creating a laser-sharp focus on strategic outcomes, and managing these outcomes to ensure that the desired strategic objectives are actually being achieved. Creating such a coherent, integrated and manageable plan of action dramatically increases an organization’s success in implementing strategy-driven change.

Our principals have worked throughout North America and internationally with leading private sector, public sector, and non-profit organizations. The majority of these clients – whether business start-ups, companies in deregulated industries, government agencies, or industry leaders – are confronting the formidable challenges of accelerating change.


iQ Company

iQ Company powers Predict Wall Street, the collective intelligence engine generating financial information for the future.

Predict Wall Street’s patent-pending technology allow investors to exchange individual information for qualified group forecasts in real-time. Through independent trials in 2000, 2002 and 2003, investments based on system information consistently outperformed the Dow Jones Industrial Average, NASDAQ Composite and S&P 500. To discover tomorrow’s prices today, visit http://www.predictwallstreet.com.


Korns & Associates

Korns Associates is a privately held R&D company that develops and uses sophisticated agent technology to build artificial intelligence applications for securities analysis and stock ranking. They were founded in June 1993, and have engaged in continuous software research and development of securities analysis software. To learn more about the commercial applications of their technology, visit http://www.investbyagent.com. InvestByAgent is now the exclusive commercial representative for all Korns Associates research.

Media Sponsors

Association of Profesional Futurists

The Association of Professional Futurists (APF) is a thriving community committed to professional excellence in applied futures/foresight. The purpose of the Association is to elevate professional futurists, their work, and the futures field and to serve the professional needs of its members. The APF is professionalizing the field by providing members with networking and professional development opportunities, and educating consumers about the value of integrating a futures dimension into their endeavors.

Membership is comprised of three levels: Full, Provisional and Student. Full members must qualify according to rigorous criteria. Provisional and Student level are aspirational with most members seeking to eventually fulfill the requirements for Full membership.

Services include a website providing timely and actionable intelligence to members, a listserve that fosters debate on important issues relevant to the profession, an online member directory, communities of practice, and intense conferences.

Initiated in 2002, the APF has 100 members from the corporate sector, the consulting arena, academia and government. Its members live and work globally.


Betterhumans - Create the Future

Connecting people to the future so that they can create it, Betterhumans explores and advocates the use of science and technology for furthering human progress. Betterhumans produces accessible editorial that helps people achieve a full awareness of issues and developments affecting the future, licenses its editorial for syndication in order to reach the broadest possible audience, runs an online portal for forward-thinking people at Betterhumans.com, connects advertisers with its Betterhumans.com audience so that they can market relevant products and services and organizes and promotes events to support the growing community of people who are creating the future.



THE FUTURIST is a bi-monthly magazine published since 1967 by the World Future Society and is a principal benefit of membership, read by 30,000 members worldwide.

Edited by Edward Cornish, president of the World Future Society, THE FUTURIST takes no stand on what the future will or should be like. The magazine strives to serve as a neutral clearinghouse of ideas. Each article and department item includes the name and address of an author or source to contact for more information and expand your network.

Each issue contains feature articles written by outstanding experts in a wide range of fields: business, creativity, education, economics, environment and resources, values, and more. In addition, several departments offer shorter news briefs, book reviews, and other items of interest from a variety of sources.

Among the many influential futurists and experts who have contributed to THE FUTURIST include: Gene Roddenberry, Newt Gingrich, Al Gore, Alvin and Heidi Toffler, Buckminster Fuller, Isaac Asimov, Margaret Mead, Robert McNamara, Nicholas Negroponte, and Arthur C. Clarke.



Futurist.com is professional speaking and consulting company owned by Glen Hiemstra. The web site is designed to acquaint you with Hiemstra’s services. These services include keynote presentations, seminars, long-range planning retreats and consultation, and scenario planning. All of what Hiemstra does is focused in one way or another on the development of the preferred future. Since 1980, Hiemstra has assisted hundreds of private, public and non-profit enterprises in thinking about and planning for the long-term future. The web site offers information about his programs and presentations, speaking schedule, and the projects, interviews, CD’s, books, and articles that he is currently involved with.

At the same time, Futurist.com is intended to be much more than a publicity brochure. They are also a Portal to the Future, a website focused on the dissemination of information about the future and how to create it. They provide information about many future related topics, and add to this information all the time. Most of the information is at the introductory level and provides an overview of a subject and some useful links. Their commitment is to a greater understanding of and enthusiasm about the future and future-related subjects.


Generation5 has aimed to be at the forefront of AI since its inception in 1998. Community-oriented, Generation5 deals with all AI topics, including robotics, neural networks, genetic algorithms, AI programming, philosophy, cognitive science, home automation, and much more.

Generation5 serves over 350,000 page-views a month and contains hundreds of articles, interviews and reviews of the latest AI software, robotics kits, games and books.

Innovation Watch

InnovationWatch.com was launched by David Forrest in 2001 as a creative experiment – to start an online conversation with those who are thinking deeply about cosmic origins and evolution, the emergence of consciousness, the human journey, and the accelerating forces of change.

The website draws on the concepts of complex systems science to explore these subjects, and to speculate on the future that is emerging from the deep dynamics of a creative universe in continuous change.

While founded on these underlying concepts, Innovation Watch focuses squarely on the issues of today – examining the forces of change; following developments in science, technology, business, society, and the environment; and assessing their implications for the future.

The website provides news feeds; links to weblogs; book reviews; announcements; commentaries; and resources of interest to futurists, consultants, researchers, and others who are seeking to understand the forces of change and where they may be taking us.

Innovation Watch provides links to material on emerging trends, and identifies developments that could destabilize the status quo and produce sudden, unexpected and discontinuous change. It includes links to scenarios showing how the forces of change could combine in different ways to tip the future in very different directions.

The website includes extensive references to relevant books, and visitors can subscribe to a newsletter that reports on new developments. A special business section – Enterprise Ecology – provides resources for leaders who must cope with the unprecedented competitive pressures, instabilities, and discontinuities that are now being created by accelerating change.


INTELLIGENCE - The Future of Computing

The newsletter INTELLIGENCE has been published monthly since May, 1984. INTELLIGENCE was the third newsletter to appear covering AI (artificial intelligence) and robotics, and was the first publication to report on commercial and research trends and developments in neural networks.

Beginning in 1992, INTELLIGENCE initiated a monthly column covering nanotechnology as well as nanotechnology-related developments in computing and electronics (e.g., molecular computing and quantum computing). In 1993, INTELLIGENCE began a monthly column reporting on the Internet.

Current topics covered in INTELLIGENCE include: acceleration, chips, code, convergence, design, display, DNA & RNA computing, hardware, interface, invisibility, molecular computing, nanotechnology, nets & grids, neural nets, pattern recognition, power, privacy, property/IP, quantum computing, robots, simulation, software, standards, storage, telephony, and wireless communications.

INTELLIGENCE, PO Box 20008, NY, NY 10025-1510; (212) 222-1123; i@eintelligence.com


Nanotechnology Now - The Gateway to Everything Nanotech

Nanotechnology Now has been created to serve the information needs of everyone in the business, academic, and public communities – to become the most informative and current free collection of Nanospace material. Nanotechnology Now covers: related future sciences, issues, news, events, and general information.

Like a white paper, Nanotechnology Now seeks to provide a forum and format that helps clarify nanotech and nanoscale sciences to laypersons, business professionals, non-specialists, highly skilled technicians, and academics. Other goals are: to provide an introduction to these new technologies; to describe the basics of technical, business, and social issues; to educate the general reader; and to contain in one site all relevant information, and/or links, for free.

Nanotechnology Now's most basic intentions are to stimulate public debate and to provide the best resource for information regarding Future Sciences such as nanotechnology (a.k.a. molecular nanotechnology), MEMS (microelectromechanical systems), NEMS (nanoelectromechanical systems), nanobiotechnology, nanoelectronics, nanofabrication, computational nanotechnology, artificial intelligence, extropianism, transhumanism, and the Singularity.

Plausible Futures Newsletter

Plausible Futures Newsletter is a news service for the future studies community edited by independent researcher Ole Peter Galaasen. The initial idea behind Plausible Futures was to use the internet to collect and present news and analysis on different management topics. Throughout the years the site has grown in complexity and the coverage today spans diverse science and humanistic topics.

The objective of Plausible Futures is to help organizations and individuals discern the news and background information available on the internet related to the future. The key topics include: new technology, management theory, and long term (large scale) social change.

Research Services

Plausible Futures supports organizations in research for strategic thinking and environmental scanning. Information processing for clients within special industrial sectors can be done externally or entirely off-shore through electronic collaboration or in-house and integrated with existing research staff.


Plausible Futures has an increasing amount of users from all over the world – approx. 10.000 visit the site each month. The subscribers of the email newsletter represent international corporations, universities and governments. Advertising opportunities include advertising your book, seminar, conference, product, or company.


Small Times - Big News in Small Tech

Small Times Media is the leading source of business news and information about the small tech industry, which includes nanotechnology, MEMS and microsystems. The company offers full news coverage through its bimonthly magazine, daily news Web site, and weekly e-newsletter.

Small Times® Magazine

Small Times is free to qualified individuals in the U.S. and Canada. It details technological advances, applications and investment opportunities to help business leaders stay informed about this rapidly changing business. http://www.smalltimes.com/subscription.


Smalltimes.com provides daily small tech news coverage from around the world, including breaking news, in-depth analysis and patent listings.

Additional Products

  • Small Tech Business Directory™ guide. This guide to small tech organizations and service providers is published yearly and distributed free to Small Times® subscribers. Be sure your company is included; complete Small Tech Census™ at http://www.smalltechcensus.com. Basic listings are free.
  • Custom research. Provided on demand for companies and government agencies, research is based on Small Tech Census™ data, which built the most extensive and accurate database in the industry.
  • Small Tech Advantage. This daily paid news service collects, analyzes and categorizes small tech stories from around the world. Summaries are delivered via daily e-mail. http://www.smalltechadvantage.com.
  • Small Tech 101™ primer series. Small Tech 101: An Introduction to Micro and Nanotechnology and Small Tech 101: A Business and Investor’s Guide to Micro and Nanotechnology are available at http://www.smalltimes.com/smalltech101.
  • Special Ad sections. These highlight companies, technologies or regions.

For more information, contact STM Marketing Director Kelli Felker at kellifelker@smalltimes.com or (734) 528-6263.


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