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Friday Registration and Reception
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  Friday Registration and Reception
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If you can, we recommend coming early on Friday to explore the beautiful Stanford campus, a jewel of the U.S. university system. Visit the Stanford Bookstore (the largest West Coast academic bookstore, just steps from Tresidder Union). Take a free tour (11 AM and 3:15 PM daily), at Visitor Information Services in Memorial Auditorium. Browse our extensive Conference Bookstore (4pm on).

For those arriving Friday, ACC2003 Registration begins at 6 PM in the second floor lounge of Tresidder Union ("Heart of the Campus," I-7 on the Stanford map). Informal Meet and Greet will also occur from 6 PM in the lounge. (The most convenient parking is available in Lot L-39. All Stanford meters and lots are no-pay after 4pm.)

At 7 PM we'll have a Passions, Questions, and Problems Mixer, a relaxed and interactive polling of ACC2003 attendees brief backgrounds and interests. What questions relative to accelerating change or the future do you personally find most interesting or important? What outstanding problems do we need to work on now, individually, socially, nationally, and globally, to better understand and guide today's accelerating scientific, technological, business, and social change?

Facilitators will transcribe these to index cards and place them on boards corresponding to our four thematic areas: Science, Technology, Business, and Social questions and problems.

The objective of the Mixer will be to discover some of our individual interests and concerns, and identify ourselves briefly to the group. While it will be tempting to discuss possible answers and solutions, that will mostly come later, at the Saturday Collective Intelligence Dinner and in other venues.

We'll end at 9:00 PM and encourage everyone to self-form several small groups to explore one of Palo Alto's excellent local restaurants for more small-group conversation. Restaurant choices and maps will be provided. Night owls staying at the Crowne Plaza Cabaña (ACC2003 preferred hotel, $99 group rate) will likely reconvene at the hotel's bistro, bar, or poolside.

We hope you can join us for a stimulating and interactive Friday orientation event. If not, we'll see you at Tresidder lounge on Saturday morning, for the formal start of the conference. Saturday registration is 8 AM - 9 AM. Program starts at 9AM sharp.



A shepherd on a hilltop who looks at a mess of stars and thinks, "There's a hunter, a plow, a fish," is making mental connections that have as much real force in the universe as the very fires in those stars themselves.

Annie Dillard


First we build the tools, then they build us.

Marshall McLuhan


There should be a periodic conference of different types of people to think about ... some means by which we can make the best of both worlds. The best of the purely human world, and the best of this extraordinary, wonderful, and terrifying world of [technological] technique.

Aldous Huxley (1959)



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