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The annual Accelerating Change (AC) conference is a production of the nonprofit Acceleration Studies Foundation (ASF). We are a growing community of 2,500 future-oriented academics, business professionals, and members of the general public who are interested in systematically exploring science, technology, business, and humanist topics regarding the accelerating rate of change.

ACC2003 will be a forum for exploring our rapidly changing times. Participants will seek improved understanding, foresight, and management of developmental trends in science and technology, and an understanding of how developmental trends impact business and humanist agendas.

The conference is organized around 20 issues in three sequential sections: data-driven analysis, informed speculation, and agendas for action. Selected issues are either important or essential to understanding and managing the accelerating rate of change on a universal, global, and local scale.

Twenty-four leading speakers will be presenting. Among the themes to be explored:

What is accelerating change? Why do we see it occurring?

How are miniaturization and new computational paradigms affecting the speed of change?

What will be the impact of progressively more sophisticated computing systems?

Where will technological change take us in the 21st century, and what are our greatest opportunities, dangers, and control options?

ACC2003 will be an excellent opportunity to meet and network with top academic, technology, business, and civic leaders.

To increase your foresight, come join us at Stanford this fall.


24 leading thinkers on the topic of accelerating change

Up to 300 attendees

Two days and nights of networking with some of the top minds in the world

Three keynotes, two plenaries, two debates, and numerous breakout and Q&A sessions

Conference Handbook and post-conference Proceedings

Special networking events, such as the Collective Intelligence dinner

Ray Kurzweil's Keynote and Debate via 3D Teleportec's Telepresence Lectern

Howard Bloom's "An Infinity of Singularities" video and teleconference Q&A

DVD conference record at production cost


©2003 Acceleration Studies Foundation
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