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ASF is a community, not a consultancy. We don't have all the answers, or one exclusive point of view, but we make sure you'll find truly amazing people, insights, and resources to help you understand and manage our accelerating world. One way that happens is when participants are willing to concisely share their knowledge for the benefit of the group. Statements are placed in our online participants section, and printed in the Conference Handbook for attendees.

Please take a few minutes to write brief answers to these three optional questions. Filling out a participant statement maximizes the interactivity of your conference experience. Email instructions and privacy agreement are at the bottom of this page.

We suggest aiming for 100 words (five sentences, one paragraph) per question, but feel free to use half or twice as much space, as desired.

Thank you for contributing your intellect, warmth and energy to ACC2003.

Copy and paste these into your email client:

1. Passions and Futures
What subjects fascinate you most? Where will the world, and you, be in the next 30 years? Do you expect continual acceleration of technology? What are the risks and opportunities? What should be our development priorities?

2. Projects
Existing or potential projects or unsolved problems you'd like to work on or are working on. Areas of collaborative opportunity. Business, social, and personal issues of accelerating change and technological development you find challenging, and want to discuss in the group.

3. Resources to Recommend
Personal web page, if any. Groups you are affiliated with or promote. Web community and other info sources you use and recommend (e.g., sites you regularly read/participate in, news sources, magazines, tools, techniques, courses, other "conversations" you value).

Email: Please send your completed form (by email or attached .doc file) to us.

Privacy Agreement: Participant Statements will be made available online, unless requested otherwise, and will be published in the Conference Handbook for the benefit of all attendees.


©2003 Acceleration Studies Foundation
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