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ACC2003 emphasizes four concurrent themes (Science, Technology, Business, and Humanism) on the accelerating rate of change. These themes are explored sequentially in three main conference sections (Analysis, Speculation, and Action).


Exploring paradigms of the future that provide insight into the nature and measurement of accelerating change, in the technologies that we use today, and in universal history.


Identifying technologies that increase in speed, productivity, and efficiency; understanding the increasing intelligence and autonomy (human-independence) of specific technological systems; and considering scenarios for technology's development in the coming decades.


Finding best-in-class strategies and models for guiding the accelerating rate of change across the enterprise; identifying business entities and environments (markets, sectors, networks, databases, platforms) that are undergoing computationally-driven change. Understanding the interplay between business cycles and technological innovation.


Considering the personal, social, and political impacts of accelerating technological change; monitoring emerging risks and benefits; and seeking diverse opinions on how to chart humane courses in a world of powerful, problematic technologies.


Analysis has an educational focus, providing references to literature, tools, and resources for understanding the accelerating rate of change from a multidisciplinary perspective. This section includes data-driven interpretation, methods, and models.

Speculation is a hypothesizing, debate, and discussion environment where participants may explore and critique controversial or uncertain topics, and think significantly "outside the box" without regard to professional censure. Some sections closed to press; non-attributed note-taking is allowed.


Action emphasizes near-term agendas, tools, and systems for prioritization of, investment for, and selective development and guidance of accelerating change; includes business, social, and political perspectives.




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