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Strategic Insights in Accelerating Technological Change

2 November, 2004


Be there or be square (and tell all your friends and blogs)!

In our final run-up to the conference we are offering Tech Tidbits subscribers a special $150 discount, bringing admission to the 3-day, 42-speaker event down to only $300. Enter the discount code "AC2004-TECHTIDBITS" on the registration page (no quotes, no spaces, all caps) to receive the lowered rate. (And feel free to post this discount to share with your friends.)

Thank you all for supporting our nonprofit's mission to promote social awareness, technical comprehension, and positive applications of accelerating technologies. On behalf of everyone at ASF and all the AC2004 organizers and volunteers, we sincerely value your participation and hope to see you all at Stanford this weekend for the world's premiere futurist conference!

This edition of Tech Tidbits is a final sample of the good stuff that'll be going on at AC2004--our second annual Accelerating Change conference. With your support we will keep growing and raising the bar each year. This year there will be over 25 press representatives coming to the conference, including two film crews. It is a beautiful thing to see our issues receive major media attention. We hope you'll come, contribute your insights and experience, and influence our direction for the future.

Accelerating Change 2004: Physical Space, Virtual Space, and Interface

ASF Mission

Conference Themes and Subthemes

AC2004 Debates Page

Stanford Virtual Human Interaction Lab Open House on Thursday, November 4th

Tech Night at SAP Labs on Friday, November 5th

Speaker Bios and Abstracts (alpha order, below)

Lada Adamic
Research Scientist, HP Labs

Implicit Structure and the Dynamics of Blogspace
Abstract | Bio | Links

Shai Agassi
Executive Board Member, SAP

Achieving Enterprise Agility
Abstract | Bio | Links

Clark Aldrich
Co-Founder, SimuLearn; Lead Designer, Virtual Learner;
Author, Simulations and the Future of Learning, 2003

Talk: Simulation and the Future of Learning
Moderator: Virtual Learning and Community Panel
Abstract | Bio | Links

Jeremy Bailenson
Director, Virtual Human Interaction Lab; Assistant Professor, Stanford U.

Collaborative Virtual Environments and Transformed Social Interaction
Abstract | Bio | Links
Nova Barlow
Online Community Developer, Themis Group

The Art of Community Management
Abstract | Bio | Links
Gordon Bell
Project Director, MyLifeBits, Microsoft BARC

MyLifeBits: The Memex Vision and Implications (placeholder)
Abstract | Bio | Links

Dana Blankenhorn
Technology Business Journalist and Consultant
Author, The Blankenhorn Effect: How to Put Moore's Law to Work for You, 2002

The World of 'Always On'

Abstract | Bio | Links

Cynthia Breazeale
IT Innovation Strategic Program Manager, Intel

Innovation Through IT: Enabling Systemic Innovation
Abstract | Bio | Links
David Brin
Physicist, Science Fiction and Nonfiction Writer;
Author, The Transparent Society: Will Technology Force Us to Choose Between Privacy and Freedom?, 1999

Talk: Evaluating Horizons: What Limits Our Ability to Cope With Accelerating Change?
Abstract | Bio | Links

Debate: The Cost and Benefit of Transparency: How Far, How Fast, How Fair?

Milton Chen
CTO, VSee Lab

Design of a Visual Communication and Collaboration Software for Afghanistan
Abstract | Bio | Links

Jack Emmert
Creative Director, Cryptic Studios; Lead Designer, City of Heroes

Debate: Real Money in Virtual Economies: The Future of User-Created Content
Abstract | Bio | Links

Doug Engelbart
Inventor of the Mouse; Digital Interface Legend; Founder, Bootstrap Institute;
Winner, Turing Award, MIT-Lemelson Prize

Large-Scale Collective IQ: Facilitating its Evolution
Abstract | Bio | Links

BJ Fogg
Director of Research and Design, Persuasive Technology Lab, Stanford University;
Author, Persuasive Technology: Using Computers to Change What We Think and Do, 2002

Captology: Understanding How Computers Manipulate People
Abstract | Bio | Links

Robert Gehorsam
CEO, Forterra Systems; Formerly VP of Strategic Initiatives, There Inc.

Earth: A Persistent World Simulation (placeholder)
Abstract | Bio | Links
Dan Gillmor
Business and Technology Columnist, San Jose Mercury News;
Author, We, the Media: Journalism By and For the People, 2004

We, the Media: Journalism By and For the People
Abstract | Bio | Links
Helen Greiner
Co-founder and Chairman of the Board, iRobot

Mobile Robots - Saving Time, Money, and Lives
Abstract | Bio | Links

Dave Hall
Chief Scientist, Digital Auto Drive

Team DAD (Digital Auto Drive):
Autonomous Vehicle Navigation and the DARPA Grand Challenge
Abstract | Bio | Links

Bruce Hall
Business Development, Digital Auto Drive (DARPA Grand Challenge)

Team DAD (Digital Auto Drive):
Autonomous Vehicle Navigation and the DARPA Grand Challenge
Abstract | Bio | Links

Keith Halper
CEO and Co-Founder, Kuma Reality Games

Reality Games: The Next Revolution
Abstract | Bio | Links
Robin Harper
Senior VP, Linden Lab, creators of Second Life

Real Learning in Digital Worlds
Abstract | Bio | Links
Dewayne Hendricks
Wireless Activist; CEO, Dandin Group; Director, Wireless Task Force, GBOB Initiative

One Gigabit or Bust™ Initiative -- A Broadband Vision for California
Abstract | Bio | Links

Steve Jurvetson
Managing Director, Draper Fisher Jurvetson

Talk: The Innovation Pipeline: Strategies at DFJ (Placeholder)
Moderator: The Cost and Benefit of Transparency: How Far, How Fast, How Fair?
| Bio | Links

Peter Kaminski
CTO and Founder, Socialtext

Enterprising Social Software: Wikis and Weblogs
Abstract | Bio | Links
Jaron Lanier
Founder, VPL Research; Advisor, National Tele-Immersion Initiative; Computer Scientist, Composer, Artist

Debate: Finding Humanity in the Interface: Capacity Atrophy or Augmentation?
Abstract | Bio | Links

Alex Lightman
CEO, Charmed Technology; Chair, North American IPv6 Summits;
Author, Brave New Unwired World, 2002

Abstract | Bio | Links

Richard Marks
Special Projects Manager, Research and Development,
Sony Computer Entertainment America

You are Player One: User Interfaces in Interactive Entertainment
Abstract | Bio | Links

John Mauldin
President, Millenium Wave Advisors;
Author, Bull's Eye Investing: Targeting Real Returns in a Smoke and Mirrors Market, 2004

Bull's Eye Investing: Thriving in a Secular Bear Market
Abstract | Bio | Links

Peter Norvig
Director of Search Quality, Google;
Author, Artificial Intelligence: A Modern Approach (the world's leading texbook in AI), 2002

Web Search as a Force for Good (placeholder)
Abstract | Bio | Links

Andreas Olligschlaeger
President, TruNorth Data Systems

Advanced IT and Security Systems in Law Enforcement
Abstract | Bio | Links
Cory Ondrejka
VP of Product Development, Linden Lab, creators of Second Life

Talk: Living the Dream: Business, Community and Innovation at the Dawn of Digital Worlds
Debate: Real Money in Virtual Economies: The Future of User-Created Content
Abstract | Bio | Links
Jerry Paffendorf
Director, ASF

Rise of the Virtual-to-Real Labor Force: 5 Free Ideas—from Underwear to Architecture
Abstract | Bio | Links
Christine Peterson
Founder and Vice President, Foresight Institute;
Author, Leaping the Abyss: Putting Group Genius to Work, 1997

Championing Innovation in Nanotechnology: Lessons Learned
Abstract | Bio | Links
Gee Rittenhouse
VP of Wireless Research, Lucent

Future of Wireless Networking
Abstract | Bio | Links
Zack Rosen
Founder and Director, CivicSpace Labs; Creator, DeanSpace social software

Empowering Democracy through Social Software
Abstract | Bio | Links
Steve Salyer
President, Internet Gaming Entertainment (IGE)

Debate: Real Money in Virtual Economies: The Future of User-Created Content
Abstract | Bio | Links
Joachim Schaper
Vice President Americas, SAP Research

Smart Items in the Enterprise
Abstract | Bio | Links
Tim Sibley
Chief Scientist, StreamSage

Language Processing: Is the Acceleration Missing?
Abstract | Bio | Links

Rich Skrenta
Co-Founder and CEO,

Text Analytics for News
Abstract | Bio | Links

John Smart
President, ASF

Simulation, Agents, and Accelerating Change: Personality Capture and the Linguistic User Interface
Abstract | Bio | Links
Jim Spohrer
Director, Almaden Services Research, IBM Almaden

Service Science: An Emerging Multidiscipline to Accelerate Innovation
Abstract | Bio | Links
Brad Templeton
Chairman, Electronic Frontier Foundation

Debate: The Cost and Benefit of Transparency: How Far, How Fast, How Fair?
Abstract | Bio | Links
Peter Thiel
Co-Founder and Former CEO, PayPal; President, Clarium Capital
Author, The Diversity Myth: Multiculturalism and Political Intolerance On Campus
, 1998

Virtual Money, Privacy, and Democracy (placeholder)
Abstract | Bio | Links
Will Wright
Founder, Maxis; Creator, Sim City, The Sims

Talk: Sculpting Possibility Space
Abstract | Bio | Links
Debate: Finding Humanity in the Interface: Capacity Atrophy or Augmentation?
Wlodek Zadrozny
Technologist, On Demand Innovation Services, IBM Research

Text Analytics for Asset Valuation: Tools for Evaluating Intangible Assets are Emerging and Will Change the Investment Landscape.
Abstract | Bio | Links

Emcees and Moderators (alpha order)

Sonia Arrison (Emcee)
Director of Technology Studies, Pacific Research Institute (PRI)


Mark Finnern (Emcee)
Collaboration Manager, SAP Developer Network; Blogger, O'Reilly Network; Director, ASF

John Smart (Emcee)
President, ASF

Melanie Swan (Emcee)
President, Cygnet Capital

Tom Cowper (Moderator)
Deputy Director, Statewide Wireless Network, New York State Office for
Technology; Staff Inspector, New York State Police

Moderator: Pervasive Computing Panel

Last Call for Participant Statements! Already enrolled for AC2004? Send in your participant statements (with digital photo if possible) for the AC2004 website and Conference Handbook. We want to know what your passions, problems/projects, and recommended resources are. It only takes a few minutes to respond, and adds greatly to the event.

Send us your Challenge Questions! On Saturday Night, AC2004 attendees will debate important questions in our three conference themes over dinner—one question per table. Then volunteers will discuss their table's insights in a "Futuristically Incorrect" setting over dessert. Have questions to suggest? Send them to jerrypaffendorf (at) Here are a few examples to get you started:

What current investment sectors and strategies are most likely to keep the U.S. on a curve of accelerating productivity for the next ten years? How can we increase tech transfer to emerging nations without hurting U.S. jobs? How do we better sort out real news from hype in a world of increasing "information overload"? What will our communities look like in 2020, and will they be real, virtual, or some new combination? Will our most productive digital personas (personal "avatars") in 2023 record our life histories and mirror our personalities, and will they start to feel like extensions of ourselves?

Call for Submissions
ASF is seeking submissions for its Accelerating Times (AT) web-based publication. AT is a "free and priceless" biannual newsletter covering scientific, technological, business, and humanist dialogs in accelerating change. Anyone may submit reader feedback, scan hits, article links, original papers, questions, and even cartoons (for you illustrators out there) to mail(at) Accepted work will appear, fully credited, in future issues of Accelerating Times.


AC2004 is this weekend at Stanford University!

Send Us Your Participant Statements!

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