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ASF Accelerating Change Conference 2004 Offers Unique & Potent Mix of Technologists



Los Angeles, CA (August 31, 2004). The Acceleration Studies Foundation (ASF) announces Accelerating Change 2004: Physical Space, Virtual Space, and Interface at Stanford University, November 5-7, 2004.

Sponsored by SAP Software, AC2004 analyzes the accelerating interconnectivity of the Physical World, the increasing accuracy of the Simulated World, and the growing importance of the physical-virtual/human-machine Interface.

“Each of these trends alone is powerfully impacting society today. Together, they paint a truly transformational picture of the new economy,” says John Smart, ASF President. “People who go to the conference are going to understand some of the cutting edge concepts and innovations today, and be able to use this knowledge to make new products and services next year.”

As columnist, author, and social pundit Bruce Sterling wrote in this month’s Wired magazine, “The rate of technological change is dizzying, and it's only getting faster. [T]he Acceleration Studies Foundation is acknowledging the trend with its second annual Accelerating Change conference. [They are] … the first in the world to focus on the multidisciplinary implications of accelerating change …”

AC2004 features 36 acceleration-aware speakers, including virtual worlds creators, leading edge software designers, innovative venture capitalists, best-selling authors, law enforcement futurists, and other prominent technologists.

“These individuals are all on the cutting edge of the socio-economic meme-space,” says Alvis Brigis, Press Director. “It will be very interesting to see what new concepts and innovative business strategies emerge at this event. The cross-referencing possibilities are endless when it comes to the subjects to be discussed at AC2004.”

AC2004’s high-caliber roster includes Will Wright (creator of The Sims), Gordon Bell (Project Leader, Microsoft’s MyLifeBits), Cory Ondrejka (VP of Product Development for Second Life, Time Magazine’s 2002 “Coolest Invention of the Year”), David Brin (author of Transparent Society), Helen Greiner (Co-Founder, iRobot), Doug Engelbart (inventor of the computer mouse), Bruce & Dave Hall (DARPA Grand Challenge Team, Digital Auto Drive), Peter Thiel (Co-Founder and former CEO, PayPal), John Mauldin (author of Bull’s Eye Investing), Dan Gillmor (columnist for the San Jose Mercury News and author of We, The Media), Dana Blankenhorn (biz-tech consultant and author of The Blankenhorn Effect: Making Moore's Law Work For You and many more exceptional change leaders.

This year’s lineup also includes head-to-head and panel debates. “One-on-one debates fueled by audience feedback create a heightened mix of tough critical thinking and passionate persuasive argument,” says Jerry Paffendorf, Conference Co-Director. “The arguments are evolving in realtime, so new ideas are bound to happen.”

In addition to the valuable information communicated during the presentations and debates, AC2004 will kick-off with a fascinating Technology Demonstration on Friday night. Representatives from Linden Labs and Sony Online Entertainment, among others, will show off and provide context for their latest products in the conference theme of Physical Space, Virtual Space, and Interface.

“Friday night’s technology demonstration will hopefully bring out the kid in all of us. But we will also learn that most of these virtual ‘toys’ will contribute significantly to the economy in the near term. And some already do,” notes Jimbob Peltaire, Tech Night Director.

AC2004 sponsors include our lead sponsor SAP, and additional sponsors IPv6 Summit, Socialtext, Terra Nova, Artificial Development, and the VC Corporation Draper Fisher Jurvetson.

“We’d like to thank our AC2004 sponsors. They are helping us make this one-of-a-kind event available to people who will truly benefit from the ideas and networking presented there. I encourage anyone interested in learning how to shape their personal or company’s future to attend!” says Conference Co-Director Iveta Brigis.

Until September 30th, conference registration is $350 for regular admission (thereafter $450) or $150 for student admission. Express registration is available at Visit for more information.


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