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Accelerating Change 2004: A Weekend with the Leaders of the Next Revolution



Los Angeles, CA (October 5, 2004). The Acceleration Studies Foundation (ASF) announces Accelerating Change 2004: Physical Space, Virtual Space, and Interface at Stanford University, November 5-7, 2004.

Sponsored by SAP Software, AC2004 analyzes the accelerating interconnectivity of the Physical World, the increasing accuracy of the Simulated World, and the growing importance of the physical-virtual/human-machine Interface.

Futurist, author and pundit Bruce Sterling wrote in last month’s Wired magazine, “The rate of technological change is dizzying, and it's only getting faster. [T]he Acceleration Studies Foundation is acknowledging the trend with its second annual Accelerating Change conference. [They are] … the first in the world to focus on the multidisciplinary implications of accelerating change …”

At AC2004, forty-two leading futurists, technologists and business strategists will explore the accelerating interconnectivity of the Physical World, the increasing accuracy of the Simulated World, and the growing importance of the physical-virtual/human-machine Interface.

“The kind of people who attend Accelerating Change are uniquely broad-minded, practical, and passionate individuals,” says John Smart, ASF President. “They come together to consider the cutting edge concepts and innovations today, and to learn how to use this knowledge to make new products and services next year.”

AC2004 features a prestigious and diverse line-up of visionary professionals, each in a unique position to help shape our collective future. Conference Co-Director Jerry Paffendorf comments, “We’ve curated a complimentary group whose ideas work together as an entire team to explore the future rather than hammering just one position or topic and excluding diversity.” A partial speaker list:

Peter Norvig, Director of Search Quality, Google; Author, Artificial Intelligence: A Modern Approach (the world's leading textbook in AI.)
Will Wright, Creator of The Sims (the most popular PC game of all time)
Helen Greiner, Co-Founder, iRobot
Doug Engelbart, Interface legend and inventor of the computer mouse
Gordon Bell, Project Leader, Microsoft’s MyLifeBits
Cory Ondrejka, VP of Product Development for Second Life, Time Magazine’s 2002 “Coolest Invention of the Year”
David Brin, Author of Transparent Society
Bruce and Dave Hall, DARPA Grand Challenge Team, Digital Auto Drive
Peter Thiel, Co-Founder and former CEO, PayPal
John Mauldin, Author of Bull’s Eye Investing
Dan Gillmor, Tech Columnist, San Jose Mercury News; Author, We, The Media
Dewayne Hendricks, Wireless Activist and CEO of the Dandin Group
Dana Blankenhorn, Biz-tech Consultant; Author, The Blankenhorn Effect: Making Moore's Law Work For You

“These individuals are all on the cutting edge of applied future studies,” says Alvis Brigis, Press Director. “It will be very interesting to see what new social concepts and strategies emerge at this truly unique event.”

In addition to solo presentations, this year’s lineup also includes three head-to-head and panel debates. David Brin squares-off against Brad Templeton of the Electronic Frontier Foundation on the relative merits and methods of societal transparency, and Steve Salyer, President of IGE, faces Jack Emmert, lead designer of the acclaimed massively multi-player online game City of Heroes, in a debate addressing the recent phenomenon of large online economies that trade real money, entitled Real Money in Virtual Economies: The Future of User-Created Content.

AC2004 also features interactive technology demos 6-8 PM on Thursday, November 4th, when Jeremy Bailenson of the Virtual Human Interaction Lab at Stanford demonstrates the fruits of his research, and again on the following evening from 6-9 PM at SAP Labs in Palo Alto when representatives from iRobot, Google, Sony, Linden Lab, Kuma Reality Games and more converge to show off some of the technologies to be discussed during the conference. Both of these events are free and open to the public.

Tech Night coordinator Jimbob Peltaire says, “For an annual conference that explores the future of change, it’s important to understand the dramatic changes that have already taken place. These technologies will demonstrate that, as well as help point out the direction of changes to come.”

AC2004 sponsors include lead sponsor SAP, and additional sponsors IPv6 Summit, Socialtext, Terra Nova, Artificial Development, and the VC Corporation Draper Fisher Jurvetson.

“We’d like to thank our AC2004 sponsors. They are helping us make this one-of-a-kind event available at a very affordable price. I encourage anyone interested in shaping their corporate or personal future to attend!” says Conference Co-Director Iveta Brigis.

Until October 10th, conference registration is $350 for regular admission (thereafter $450) or $150 for student admission. Express registration is available at Visit for more information. The official conference blog can be found at


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