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Global Vision Consulting Ltd.

Global Vision Consulting Ltd. helps organizations understand and respond effectively to the challenges of change.

Fierce competition and traumatic shifts in the business environment have triggered a Red Queen response in the economy, with companies innovating and adapting continuously in order to survive. The cycle of change frequently appears to be spinning out of control, in a quickening exchange of thrust and counter-thrust.

In such a turbulent environment, reaction time is critical. Companies must be more adept than ever in sizing up competitive dynamics, choosing a strategy, recreating their business model, and implementing rapid change. Execution is key, since they must mobilize their resources again and again to implement repeated transformational change, in a never-ending and ever-accelerating cycle.

Global Vision helps organizations understand the forces of change and uses scenarios to clarify their options. We help clients refine their business model and create actionable strategies.

We use outcome mapping to create transformational change programs that integrate all of the required initiatives, aligned with corporate strategy – creating a laser-sharp focus on strategic outcomes, and managing these outcomes to ensure that the desired strategic objectives are actually being achieved. Creating such a coherent, integrated and manageable plan of action dramatically increases an organization’s success in implementing strategy-driven change.

Our principals have worked throughout North America and internationally with leading private sector, public sector, and non-profit organizations. The majority of these clients – whether business start-ups, companies in deregulated industries, government agencies, or industry leaders – are confronting the formidable challenges of accelerating change.

David Forrest, President, Global Vision Consulting Ltd.

Email: dforrest(at)innovationwatch.com

David Forrest is a writer and management consultant who works with clients in Canada and internationally.

Early in his career, David worked in the fledgling computer industry, where he designed software packages. He subsequently consulted to organizations on IT delivery and IT strategy. For the last ten years, he has worked as a management consultant and business strategist, helping clients to define and implement complex transformational change programs.

David has always had a keen interest in innovation and the dynamics of change. Setting out initially to study theoretical physics, he changed course and instead received degrees in physical geography and ecology – encountering ecological theory, general systems theory, and complex systems science. He explored the parallels between business strategy and ecology in the mid-1980s, and coined the term 'enterprise ecology' in 1988 to describe the application of ecological principles to business.

A member of the Periodical Writers Association of Canada, David monitors trends in business and technology. He has published more than 100 articles, and has contributed to three books. He is a member of the Alberta-based futures organization, the Alliance for Capitalizing on Change, and recently joined the advisory board of the Acceleration Studies Foundation, based in Los Angeles, California. He publishes Innovation Watch, a website on innovation, change and the future. He is currently writing a book on cosmic origins and evolution, the human journey, and the accelerating forces of change.

David is President of Global Vision Consulting Ltd., a network of management consultants established in 1995.


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