Accelerating Change 2004 :: Physical Space, Virtual Space, and Interface
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Themes and Subthemes

Accelerating Change 2004 features engaging interactive debates, a virtual worlds workshop, a collective intelligence dinner, and several other informative events and activities. Speakers emphasize a mix of analysis, forecasting, and action plans and examples, using multidisciplinary inquiry and a synthesis of technical, entrepreneurial, and social development dialogs.

This year's themes, Physical Space, Virtual Space, and Interface, analyze the intersection of three monumental trends:

Accelerating interconnectivity of the physical world
Increasing accuracy of the simulated world
Growing intelligence of the human-machine interface.

Each of these alone is powerfully impacting society today. Together, they paint a truly transformative picture of the future. Strategic topics/subthemes likely to be discussed include the following:

Physical Space (Tangible Things and Networks)

Connectivity/Internet/Network Immunity/Security
GPS/Location-Based Services/RFID/Sensing/Telematics
Handhelds/Wearable and Portable Computing/Transparency
IT Outsourcing/Offshoring/Globalization
Robotics/AI/Automation/Instant Manufacturing

Wireless/Cellular/Software Defined Radio

Virtual Space (Simulations and Virtual Life)

    Avatars/Artificial Life
    CGI/Visual FX
    Gaming/MMORPGs/Virtual Training/Edutainment
    GIS/World Mapping/Augmented Reality
    Persistent Worlds/Virtual Economies
    Web Services/User-Created Content

Interface (Data, Management Systems, and Convergence)

    Databases/Data Mining/Storage/Knowledge Management
    Enterprise Software/CRM/Digital Nervous Systems
    Micropayments/DRM/Video On Demand
    Search/NLP/CUI/Semantic Web
    Social Software/Groupware
    Persuasive Computing/User Modeling/Prosody/Personality Capture

    Investing for Accelerating Change/Social Challenges



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