Accelerating Change 2004 :: Physical Space, Virtual Space, and Interface
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The Accelerating Change conference is a production of the nonprofit Acceleration Studies Foundation (ASF). We are a growing community of 3,200 future-oriented technologists, entrepreneurs, industry and institutional leaders, academics, humanists, and others interested in gaining science, technology, business, and humanist insights regarding accelerating planetary change.

Accelerating Change is a forum for exploring our rapidly changing times. Participants seek improved understanding, foresight, and management of evolutionary and developmental trends in science and technology, and an understanding of how today's trends impact business and humanist agendas.

Forty two distinguished speakers will be presenting, with six keynotes and three debates on strategic open questions relevant to our speakers' expertise.

AC2004 emphasizes three main themes (Physical Space, Virtual Space, and Interface) with selections from twenty subtheme categories. We approach these themes using four concurrent dialogs (Science, Technology, Business, and Humanism) and three fundamental processes (data-guided Analysis, informed Forecasting, and agendas for Action) that lend insight and foresight to today's most relevant and powerful examples of accelerating technological change.

Conference themes and subthemes:

Physical Space (Things and Networks)

Connectivity/Internet/Network Immunity/Security
GPS/Location-Based Svcs/RFID/Sensing/Telematics
IT Outsourcing/Offshoring/Globalization
Robotics/Automation/Instant Manufacturing


Virtual Space (Simulations and Virtual Life)

    Avatars/Artificial Life
    CGI/Visual FX
    GIS/World Mapping/Augmented Reality
    Persistent Worlds/Virtual Economies
    Social Software/Groupware
    Web Services/User-Created Content

Interface (Data, Management Systems, and Convergence)

    Databases/Data Mining/Storage/Knowledge Management
    Enterprise Software/CRM/Digital Nervous Systems
    Micropayments/DRM/Video On Demand
    Search/Natural Language Processing/CUI
    Semantic Web/RSS/Push/Persuasive Computing

    User Modeling/Prosody/Personality Capture

AC2004 is an excellent opportunity to meet and network with top technology, business, civic, and academic leaders who are all asking themselves important questions on critical issues and processes of technological change.

We hope to see you at Stanford this November.

Key Questions
What is accelerating change?
Why is accelerating change important?
What are the historical drivers of accelerating change?
What is the "technological singularity"?
Where will accelerating change take us in the 21st century?
What are our major benefits and risks with regard to accelerating change?

Analysis • Forecasting • Action

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